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Recent Clients

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you having a hard time converting visitors into sales?
If so, then you need our conversion rate optimization services.  Whether you are looking to collect leads or sell a product or service on your website, we can help increase your conversion rate.
Why Use
  • Our conversion experts are trained in SEO, PPC and other search engine marketing methods.
  • We are able to identify weaknesses in a website using various tools and techniques.
  • By identifying the¬†weaknesses, we can implement different methods to achieve the desired goals.
Dedicated Project Manager
Once your local business marketing project has started, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will be there to assist you every step of the way.
Online Project Management System
You will have access to an online project management system 24/7 so you can constantly monitor your conversion rate optimization campaign.
Value Gold Platinum
Total Man Hours 20 Hours 33 Hours 50 Hours
Landing Page Design 1 Page 2 Pages 4 Pages
Landing Page Implementation
A/B Testing
Multivariant Testing
Google Website Optimizer
Persona (Visitors) Analysis
Information Architecture
Page Layout & Design
Call To Action
Credibility & Trust Symbol
User Testing (Videos) 1 Video 2 Videos 3 Videos
Click Heatmaps
Sales Funnel Optimization
Website Conversion Optimization
Monthly Report
Advanced Analytics Report
Minimum Contract Term 3 months 3 months 3 months
Price Per Month $850 $1,274 $1,700
Total Price $2,550 $3,822 $5,100

  Landing Page Design: A landing page is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement. We will provide a mock-up for a new landing page for your website. This design will focus on achieving the objective of the Website by enticing the visitor to take the desired action.
  Landing Page Implementation: We will implement the new landing page by converting the design into an html page.
  A/B Testing: An A/B experiment allows you to test the performance of two (or more) entirely different versions of a page. We will test the new design against the existing design by implementing Google website optimizer. This will determine which design will lead to an increase in the number of leads & a decrease of the bounce rate of that page.
  Multivariant Testing: Multivariate testing is a method of experimentation that allows you to test multiple variables simultaneously. We will indentify the testing elements of your website such as headlines, product images, price points, etc. We will then test them using website optimizer & select the best combination for your design.
  Google Website Optimizer: We will test and optimize site content and design of your website by implementing website optimizer. This can quickly and easily help you understand which of your designs work better & results in increased revenue and ROI.
  Persona (Visitors) Analysis: We will analyze the traffic to your website & identify the type of visitors which leave your website without converting (abandon rate). Our experts will try to improve the overall content of the website & reduce the abandon rate of the visitors.
  Information Architecture: Every website needs to have an organized information architecture. The information includes benefit-oriented copy, product images, comparative charts, customer reviews, testimonial and recommendations which help keep the visitors engaged to the website.
  Page Layout & Design: Page Layout & Design helps improve the look and feel of the website. We will design attractive web pages according to your business needs. This will appeal to your visitors & give your website a professional look.
  Call To Action: Any action a visitor can take on a page to move forward in the selling process is a call to action. We will help to maintain the flow of the website by having a call to action on every page. This will tell the visitor what they can accomplish on that page & encourage them to continue in the conversion process.
  Credibility & Trust Symbol: Credibility & Trust factor help influence the visitors perception. We will help you recognize credibility factor & place a trust symbol in a way which will get the visitors attention. This will help build visitors confidence in your company/website..
  User Testing (Videos): User testing is a technique used to evaluate websites by testing it on users. It helps to discover why visitors leave the website without buying the product or completing a lead form. This will help remove any obstacles impeding the experience and process of online interactions.
  Click Heatmaps: The visual heatmap records the position of every click on a page, creating a virtual heat map of visitor activity. This helps to visualize the visitors experience on the website and analyze which links visitors click the most.
  Sales Funnel Optimization: We will optimize each stage of your sales-funnel, identify the top leaking points and focus on improving the buying cycle. This will help decrease the bounce rate of the website & increases the conversion rate.
  Website Conversion Optimization: We will optimize your entire website, right from the home page to the lead contact form or checkout process. This will help tokeep your visitors engaged & improve the overall performance of the website.