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Leave your rivals behind with our luminous Holi-Holiday deal – SEMP

by Date November 22,2014 Searching for better offers this season? Look no further than our Holi-Holiday deal. We are delighted to announce our all-in-one Holi-Holiday deal that will illuminate your spirit of celebration. So, gather around our bonfire of joy and warm up your ambition. This festive season we gift you a combination deal wrapped up in enthusiasm for […]

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Grab this Halloween special offer, Sign Up now! – SEMP

by Date November 2,2014 A shout out to all advertisers. HURRY!! Limited time Halloween special offer… This All Hallow’s Eve we have some scary good offers for you that would make that pumpkin pie you have been eyeing all week taste bland. We are offering our biggest promotion so far to our advertisers. For a limited time only, get a 50% bonus* […]

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What do Google’s third-party policy changes mean for you? –

by Date October 21,2014 In light of two recent updates to Google’s third-party policy, we deliberate on how the new additions to the ‘mandate’ will affect the digital ad ecosystem. It goes without saying that Google is the biggest player in the search engine network, which is why its latest third-party policy update, being launched in November 2014, […]

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So long, and thanks for all the fun! – SEMP at AWXI, SMX East, IAB MIXX & BRVS

by Date October 8,2014 It was an energetic week at Ad Week, SMX East, IAB MIXX and BrightRoll Video Summit in New York City. Not everyday do we see the entire advertising industry on one pitch. It was a hectic, but fruitful week, when the best international conferences took New York by storm. The organizers and speakers at Advertising […]

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Big data v/s Big Content at Advertising Week and IAB MIXX: Musings by SEMP

by Date October 6,2014 This year at Advertising Week and IAB MIXX it was a tussle between data and creativity. Although discussions at the 11th Advertising Week and IAB MIXX 2014, held in New York, revolved around programmatic and data marketing, a good chunk of debates also dealt with creativity as the measure of value. What we got out of the deliberations is […]

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SMX East 2014 was a thrilling roller coaster ride — Musings by

by Date October 5,2014 Search Engine Land’s SMX East was a gratifying experience, where we saw, heard and met the best in SEM. “Content may be king, but content marketing is Game of Thrones — it’s a constant struggle to stay ahead.” – Scott Brinker, co-founder & CTO, ion interactive at SMX East 2014. The world’s largest search engine marketing […]

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Social Media Expands Marketing Strategies

by Date August 17,2012

While Internet marketers have utilized social media for quite some time, businesses are still learning how to best leverage the very powerful aspects of it. Just every business needs a website, social media has become just as essential, playing a larger role than ever in marketing those websites. The fact is, no matter how fancy […]

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Instagram Making Visual Content A Bigger Part Of Social Media Marketing

by Date August 15,2012

It is no secret that companies are starting to rely more and more upon social media marketing to increase sales. However, social media marketing is more than just sending out text updates and links to websites. Pictures are becoming an increasingly popular way to market to customers through social media. Pictures Are Worth A Thousand […]

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